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Home Staging Grey County

Let's Get Beautiful

Making your environment right for you is more than just applying a coat of paint and upgrading the flooring. It's the finishing touches that make the room, home, or office right for you.

The LPTS team take the time and care to make sure your environment is a reflection of you. We will help you choose the right theme - contemporary, traditional, formal, or casual - and colour palette - earthy, primary, or pastels - that will create the look and feel that is YOU!

Finishing touches include:

  • selection and placement of art and pictures
  • selection and positioning of furniture
  • selection and installation of window coverings
  • selection and placement of area rugs
  • selection and placement of lighting fixtures
  • accessorizing - candles, plants, and decorative items

These finishing touches will turn your home into a place of beauty and pride.

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